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PARASAYO TEXT - International SMS Gateway service to The Philippines

International SMS Card for Philippines

Our international SMS gateway service is cheapest service in Japan.

And its free to receive message in Philippines and they can reply with only 1peso for a message.

You can send up to 100 messages to Philippines with our new Premium 100 Text Card.


Pcs/Set Unit Price Set Price
3pcs @683yen 2,050yen
5pcs @680yen 3,400yen
10pcs @650yen 6,500yen
16pcs @625yen 10,000yen
20pcs @600yen 12,000yen
30pcs @533yen 16,000yen
40pcs  @500yen  20,000yen


Delivery Method Charge
Send PIN by email FREE
Kuroneko Mail Normal 82yen

Payment Method

Credit Card
Now you can pay by credit with the service of PayPal to order PARASAYO TEXT Card. We will deliver your PIN in realtime if you pay by credit card.

PayPal is the world popular safe credit card settlement service.

You can use all of VISA Master JCB and AmericanExpress card.

Select 'SmartPit' as payment method and input SmartPit number to the following form.

You can get SmartPit number from free SmartPit card at covenient store.

You will receive email which is showing how to pay. So please pay your bill following the instruction at covenient store.

We ship your order as soon as your payment arrived to our account

Convenient Store
Bank Tansfer
Japan Net Bank
Japan Postal Bank
Send money to one of the following bank account. (You must pay the transfer charge)

・Japan Net Bank, SUZUME Branch, Saving Account
 002 - 1387883 SeresaSolutions Inc..

・Japan Postal Bank(YUCHO GINKO), 028 Branch
 10290 - 10482221 SeresaSolutions Inc.

We ship your order as soon as your payment arrived to our account.

Office Hours

Our office is open from 9am to 5:30pm Manday to Friday excepting the public holiday. Your order and payment by smartpit or bank transfer will be processed in a short time if you place your order or payment in our office hours, but it may be take long time if you place that out of our office hours.

Please order with credit card or place your order and payment in our office hours if you are in a hurry.

Order Form

Please fill the following form to order.(*necessery)

Type of card*
Premium 100 Text Card (valid for 1 year)

3pcs 2,050 yen    20pcs 12,000 yen
5pcs 3,400 yen 30pcs 16,000 yen
10pcs 6,500 yen 40pcs 20,000 yen
16pcs  10,000 yen
* Please contact us if you want to order more than 41pcs at once.

Send PIN by email
Send card by Kuroneko Mail(Normal)

Credit Card
Japan Net Bank (JNB)
Japan Postal Bank (Yucho Bank)

Campaign code (Please input if you have then you will get 20yen discount per card)


Email Address* (Please be carefull to avoid miss spelling and check your spam filter)

(email address which can receive email from and

Phone Number


Please confirm Alert Notice before you finish.

Click [to Confirm] if everything is OK.